Our Team


John Wolcott
Managing Member

John has worked as an oil and gas and mining landman since 1977.  He is committed to applying technology to the industry and creating efficiencies in all aspects of land work which he has implemented for many years through the Wolcott system.  John is a graduate of Mesa College (now CMU) with a BS in Geology.



Roxana Wolcott
Managing Member

Roxana has worked as a landman and Managing Member of Wolcott since 1989. She is a Colorado Native and graduated from the University of Southern Colorado (Pueblo) with a BA in Mass Communications.  Before moving to Grand Junction, she was the Managing Editor of The Cripple Creek Gold Rush and Editor of the Eastern Colorado News.



Sam Buchman

Samuel P. Buchman, CPA, is the Accounting Manager for Wolcott, LLC. He was born and raised in the Houston area of Texas but pursued an education and career in beautiful Colorado. He received a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2008 from Adams State University, obtained his CPA license in 2011, and has 10 years’ professional accounting experience, the past seven of which has been spent with Wolcott, LLC in the land services industry.   



Jason Bogart
Data/Project Manager

Jason has been working  with Wolcott since 2006 as Project and Data Manager.  He has worked with data and in IT for over 20 years.  Jason views land work as “data” and strives to streamline and create efficiencies for all land projects whether, DD, Title and leasing, Surface or Mining.  In his time with Wolcott, he has worked with our programmer to design the Wolcott land system which allow clients and landmen to collaborate remotely on a site securely dedicated to their project.  Jason has a degree in Anthropology from Mesa State College (Now CMU).



Mike Morales
System Administrator

Mike has been in the IT industry for over 10 years and has been Wolcott’s System Administrator since 2009.  Mike came to Colorado from South Dakota.  He has completed Microsoft certification classes in both server administration and licensing.  He has designed, built and maintained the servers for Wolcott’s land system. His expertise has contributed to Wolcott’s technological advancement.



Andy Taylor
Business Development

Andy has worked with Wolcott as a landman and as business development since 2009.  He has worked as a landman for 15 years. Andy resides in St. George, Utah.


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