Acquisition and Divestitures

Partnership for a Cost Effective Transaction

Acquisition and DivestituresIn a competitive market, companies focus on portfolio optimization rather than just acquiring reserves or production. Wolcott has decades of experience in energy and mining so we understand the unique risks and goals of these transactions whether they are a Texas oil field, Wyoming industrial minerals, or Nevada gold on federal lands. Along with our experience we have reviewed billions of dollars in assets for some of the largest companies in the industry Wolcott is an asset to any company looking to acquire new properties.

Due Diligence Done Efficiently


The needs of every project and client are different and using our collaboration software we are able to easily change what data is captured to ensure that the right information is gathered for any project.


Our virtual office gives us the tools we need to run an efficient due diligence project. Most of the work is done by remote workers and projects can be scaled up and down quickly depending on real time manpower needs.


Findings and data are available real time using our collaborative software platform. All documents scanned and all research done is stored in a central online location accessible by anyone who is authorized to work on the project.


No training necessary. Wolcott sites are easy to use and contain all of the information needed to understand what is going on with a project.

A Process to Ensure an Informed Transaction

Organization and Planning

  • A successful due diligence project starts with a plan.
  • Wolcott works with the client to determine the scope of the work to be done and then determines the most efficient way to organize the project using our collaboration tools.

Source Material

  • Working with the client we will centralize and digitize all of the materials that are required in order to complete a thorough review of the assets in question.
  • Document sources can be physically located anywhere: seller location, client record, courthouses, federal or even state offices.
  • Mobile capture units can be on site almost anywhere in the country in under 24 hours ready to collect and upload the information that will be needed to complete a thorough review.

Asset Review

  • Based on the provided exhibits we will use our advanced workflows to review whatever assets are in question to meet the expected completion goals of the client.
  • We move quickly and eliminate duplicate effort to complete the project within scope and budget.

Project Deliverables

  • Clients will have access to real time updated data as the project progresses.
  • Custom reports to suit the needs of the specific project are created to ensure that we are reporting any defects and the general condition of the assets.

Beyond the Transaction

Long after the project is done all of the documentation is available in a well-organized and accessible format for anyone the client would like to access it. A project is only done once instead of having to be redone when it is revisited.

If there are curative, title, leasing, right-of-way, or additional GIS needs after the due diligence process is complete Wolcott is able to work with the client to make sure all of the long term goals for the prospect are realized.

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