Modern & Efficient Land Services

Our team takes a technology driven approach to land services that results in fast and accurate results for our clients. Our company has completed projects covering over 10 million acres nationwide.

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Wolcott provides the most technologically advanced land service and land data management existing in the industry today. Our extensive experience and technological ingenuity will decrease your land project costs and provide your company with a competitive edge.

We have developed specialized software and streamlined workflows to provide our clients with the best possible project partnership. We provide all of our data and project progress in real-time through customized collaboration tools and reporting. We work with our clients to stay within the scope and budget of all projects we work on. Modern land work is a partnership between the land company and the client and we work hard to make it a successful one.

Cripple Creek Mine in Colorado
Land & Mineral Lease Negotiations

Effective lease negotiations from experienced land professionals

We staff some of the best lease negotiating landmen in land services. They know how to work off of any data set available to efficiently lease large areas discreetly. You can always trust our team to negotiate in good faith and return the best terms.

Reliable & Efficient Title Research You Can Depend On

Our land professionals are experienced in all aspects of title examination. From cursory title or last lease checks to full title and title abstracts you can count on our team to deliver accurate results in a timely manner.

Title Research & Examination

We Provide Land Management Services in Many Industries

Common land Services like title examination, lease negotiations, and GIS mapping are required in several large industries. Our primary focus is on the energy sector (oil, gas, and alternative energy) and mining of precious metals. Our expertise is also well suited for any industry requiring land services such as energy transfer or telecommunications.

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