The Wolcott Difference

Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency

Technology has advanced at an extraordinary rate over recent decades and it has allowed for the streamlining of several core aspects of the industry. Newly adapted workflows help keep project costs down while also increasing the efficiency at which they can be completed.

Virtual Workspace Advantages

  • An online collaborative environment is provided for all Wolcott personnel, landmen, and clients from anywhere, anytime.
  • The convenience of working remotely in a virtual workspace attracts high quality landmen.
  • A smaller footprint in the field means reduced costs for clients with no reduction in performance.

Project Advantages

  • Custom software solution built on advanced collaboration software allows for centralized project data storage.
  • Centralized project data allows for advanced real-time overviews, reports, GIS integration, and the ability to communicate data with other systems.


  • Custom software solutions built specifically to reduce redundant data entry, document capturing, and the chance for human error.
  • Tremendous cost saving are achieved when no document is ever retrieved twice, regardless of medium or location.
  • Centralized storage of indexed documents allow for easy searching of any document retrieved for a project.


  • We designed and built the features our software uses specifically for the land services industry- this ensures we have the ability to adapt any of our solutions to specific projects needs.
  • Our systems are capable of importing and exporting data to and from almost any other system in the industry.

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