The Wolcott Advantage

Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency

Our Competitive Advantage in Land Services

Technology has advanced at an extraordinary rate over recent decades and it has allowed for the streamlining of several core aspects of the land service industry. Newly adapted workflows help keep project costs down while also increasing the efficiency at which they can be completed.

Agile Project Management Practices

Agile Project Management Practices and Easy Project Access

We take a modern agile approach to project management to help ensure optimal efficiency and coordination.

Our client always come first and we ensure effective lines of communication through the life cycle of a land project. We take an incremental, non-linear, approach to project management which helps us focus on teamwork, collaboration, and flexibility.

Our centralized project data allows for advanced real-time overviews, reports, GIS integration, and the ability to effectively communicate data with other systems.

Virtual Workplaces for Maximized Efficiency

Our land professionals, in-house support staff, and clients are all able to participate in the same online collaborative environment accessible from anywhere.

A virtual work environment attracts high quality land professionals and helps reduce field costs for our clients with no reduction in performance or the accuracy of our results.

We have implemented custom software solutions built specifically to reduce redundant data entry, document capturing, and the chance for human error. As a result large cost savings are achieved when no document is ever retrieved twice, regardless of medium or location.

Land Services for Solar, Wind, and Other Renewables

Wolcott is the better land services company and we welcome the opportunity to prove it to you on your next project.

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