Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Industry Services


We can handle the most difficult abstract projects with results provided in a searchable digital copy as well as traditional copy.

Cursory Ownership

Quickness is key when we provide cursory/preliminary leasehold and ownership data in the initial urgent stages of a project.

Due Diligence

We handle due diligence projects in a timely and accurate manner, providing digital data summaries and exhibits.

GIS Mapping

Our mapping department uses the latest industry standard GIS and CAD software to provide accurate maps and other visual data.

GPS Services

We provide field GPS Services and related surveying requirements.

Lease Acquisition

We are experts in lease acquisition and have acquired millions of acres on behalf of our clients throughout the United States.

Lease Administration

Short on staff? We have the in-house personnel to effectively become your lease records department if needed!

Mineral Title

Through advanced software and remote working abilities, our title personnel are very efficient in researching and providing accurate title information.

Project Management

With a unique approach in the industry, we offer 24/7 client access to projects, which are maintained with organization, searchability, and security in mind.


We have acquired thousands of miles of surface right-of-way for our clients.

Seismic Permitting

Let us handle negotiating and arranging seismic permits.

Surface Acquisition

We are capable of getting to the bottom of even the most interesting surface acquisition issues.

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