Modern Technological Approach to Land Services

Utilizing Technology to Coordinate and Organize Client Work

Helping to Lead Land Services into the Future

Wolcott is providing a smarter way to work. We are harnessing technology in new ways to change the way our industry operates for the better.

Land Service Data Experts

In-house Technology Experts Who Understand Land Services

Wolcott employs full time, in-house, highly trained and experienced Information Technology and Software Development teams that have custom designed, deployed, and maintain the backbone for all operations. We take full advantage of the latest in document storage and collaboration software and combine it with custom built proprietary solutions that integrate together seamlessly to manage all of our client projects. This unique approach ensures our ability to adapt to the needs of any new requirement our clients may have.

Enhanced Coordination & Collaboration

Our ability to utilize technology enhances every aspect of our business. All Wolcott departments and field personnel are connected, working to compliment and help each others efforts. The technology group works hand-in hand with the field personnel, the lease administration group, the mapping department, the accounting staff and management to ensure efficient delivery and organization of data.

Land Service Data Experts

The Wolcott Network at a Glance


All of our client project data and files are remotely accessible anytime, anywhere.


Our software adapts to fit the needs of any project in the land industry. Rest assured that if your requirements shift during a project we will be ready to adapt.


We are able to provide exports of project files and data in nearly any format to fit any in-house system.

Fully Backed Up

All client data is backed up in full multiple times per day. Backups are stored in local and remote data centers to ensure even a natural disaster will not destroy your data.

No Downtime

Our project hosting systems live on a high availability clustered server farm. This redundancy ensures that even in the event of hardware failure client projects are always available.


We understand the sensitive nature of all projects in this industry. Data transfers from our servers are encrypted and all access to client data is strictly controlled to essential personnel only.


We continue to advance our technology to the next level. Working with us means you will always be working with the best hardware and software available in the industry.